Conveyor belt audit

Are you experiencing problems with your conveyor belt system? The TBK Group can map them out free of charge through an extensive conveyor belt audit. We will elaborate different proposals based on this audit, in which we describe the options for optimising your conveyor belt system and solving the problems that are caused by pollution, dust, wear and misalignment.


We expressly recommend performing regular inspections to be assured that your conveyor belt system continues to operate problem free. During the regular inspection, we will first assess the operation and the condition of the belt scrapers, seals, pulleys, pulley lining and rollers. Then we will investigate whether misalignment is an issue and analyse the causes. To conclude, we will visually inspect the condition of the rubber belt, the belt connection, the drive and the transfer points.

We will provide you with a written report in which we will elaborate on our conclusions and describe the possible points for improvement. This inspection report will form the basis for the maintenance to be performed and will prevent problems or process disruptions.


Sound maintenance is of great importance to ensure a well-functioning, reliable and clean conveyor belt system. TBK Group engineers perform maintenance specifically based on the findings from the inspection report. The frequency of the maintenance visits will be aligned in close consultation with you. Once the maintenance service has been completed, you will receive a maintenance report which will give you insight into the work performed.


The TBK Group has a lot of experience with regard to installing conveyor belt components and complete transfer points. We can deliver a fully professional process from engineering to delivery.

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