Pollution under conveyor belt systems leads to unsafe working situations, unscheduled shutdowns and waste of valuable raw materials. In addition, pollution causes unnecessary costs as a result of accelerated wear and required cleaning work. Starclean curbs pollution.

Starclean is a unique scraper system that combines perfect belt cleaning with maximum safety for the conveyor belt and belt connections. Starclean belt scrapers are easy to install and maintain thanks to quick-clamping systems and a snap-in base.

The Starclean belt scraper can be supplied for installation on the head pulley, in the bottom part and in the inner part.

The patented TWIST-SWING principle ensures that every scraping segment adjusts to the belt. This fully compensates for the occurring wear.

The modular construction method of the Starclean belt scrapers ensures that a custom-made solution can be offered for every application, regardless of the belt width, belt speed or the material. The construction method also guarantees short delivery times.

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